Own Touch is now offering an exclusive opportunity for a brand players who are looking to take their game to the next level!

Own Touch Soccer and FutsalRVA are now offering a COMBINED membership program that includes both flagship programs.

By joining the combined Mentee and FutsalRVA program, U8-U18 athletes will have the best opportunity in the region to further their game athletically, technically and intellectually.  

With the Own Touch Mentee and FutsalRVA program, the following exclusive benefits are available to you:

  • Unlimited Own Touch Technical Training

  • 2 FREE Own Touch facilitated camps and clinics (NOT excludes snow days, clinics and school holiday clinics)

  • 1 Private Training Session per month

  • FutsalRVA and FDA academy programs (2-3 tournaments and league per year)


No need to be upset...Own Touch Central is still open!

Check out www.owntouchcentral.com for more information.