Small Group Training Program


The Small Training Program offers a short-term seasonal training option. Trainees will have access to cutting-edge Own Touch training sessions that focus on such topics as First Touch and Control, Passing and Receiving, Finishing, and Aerial Control. Each player will work on their individual technical skills in a fun and challenging training environment, run by experienced Own Touch coaches.


Trainees will have 12 or 24 sessions to use however they like based on their schedule. Trainees will be able to view the training schedule and sign-up for individual classes through an online account. Specific instructions will be provided after registration. These sessions must be used with in 3 months of the start date. 



-12 or 24 age/skill level appropriate soccer training sessions at Own Touch Southside

- Hour-long sessions are offered Monday through Thursday, 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm
- Package of sessions can be shared with a sibling 

- Session use is flexible - schedule as frequently as desired until package limit is reached


Dates:  3 months of training from sign up date



12 Sessions:  $425 

24 sessions:  $750 


*Price does not include Kit fee for NEW trainees.  Ordering information will be provided after registration. 


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